Bulk Extra Strong Rigid Plastic Glue 30ml | Carton of 12


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Ideal for gluing and bonding hard plastics, the Rigid Plastic Glue by 151 is an extra strong solution that dries clear. | 30ml | Dries Clear | Waterproof | Quick Drying | Suitable for items such as remote controls and car wing mirrors, the 151 Rigid Plastic Glue is waterproof solution that can be used to repair cracks and chips. The 151 Rigid Plastic Glue bonds plastics, acrylics, PVCU and more. | Instructions | Ensure surfaces are clean and dry with no grease. Pierce the cap with the pointed end and apply adhesive to plastics, which will dry in approximately 10 minutes. Position item correctly and press surfaces together to complete the bond. The adhesion will achieve maximum strength after 24 hours. | Wipe off any excessive glue with a damp cloth.