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Captain Tolley’s is a low viscosity, specially blended, acrylic copolymer emulsion-based adhesive with exceptional penetrating properties. These penetrating properties enable it to wick into hairline cracks by capillary action. This allows it to locate hidden sources of leaks. | Once in place, it forms a seal preventing further ingress of moisture. Provided that the cracks are clean, a strong bond will be obtained to the surfaces. It is also flexible to accommodate for movement and temperature changes. | Uses | Home – Repair rainwater leaks caused by hairline cracks in flat roofs, masonry and joinery – In the bathroom and kitchen seal leaking sinks, shower trays, worktop joints, inset sink surrounds – Make in situ repairs to veneers, wood joints, leaded windows, ceramics (teapots, bowls etc.) as well as to items exposed to the elements such as outdoor lamps | Cars & Caravans – Seal windows and windscreen surrounds, rivet holes, trim, gullies and skylights | Boats – Repair leaking windows, porthole surrounds, portlights, decks, coach roofs and centreboard casings – Seal around stressed deck fittings such as cleats, stanchions etc.