Soudal Multi-Purpose Silicone 270ml Grey | Carton of 48


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The Trade range from Soudal is the market leading range of sealants, foams and adhesives for all serious construction projects – building, repair and maintenance. This premium quality offering is focused on completing the work as quick and easy as possible, with reliable long-term performance, but all at affordable pricing levels. All products are application specific and are easy to identify as they are grouped together by application area. | DESCRIPTION | Acetoxy silicone sealant that cures to form a flexible, durable weathertight seal on many common building surfaces, including glass, metals, wood and ceramic tiles. Contains a | fungicide that resists mould growth. | APPLICATIONS | General construction, masonry, woodworking & roofing, flooring, baths, showers & sinks, kitchen fittings, ceramic tiles, plumbing, hvac ducting, shop windows and signs, electrical | conduit, automotive. | • All weather use | • Mould resistant | • Flexible | • For internal & external use