Soudal Sealing Strip White 22mm x 3.35m | Carton of 36


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Buy Wholesale Soudal Sealing Strip White 22mm x 3.35m
Self adhesive sealing strip for the watertight sealing of baths, showers and sinks. The easy to use strips adhere to most sanitary materials. | Water resistant | Easy to use | Self adhesive | Adheres to most common materials | Alternative to sanitary sealants Used in all traditional sanitary sealing applications instead of sanitary sealants (i.e. baths to wall tiles). Can be used to seal around showers, kitchen worktops, toilets, etc. Resistant to prolonged contact with water. | Fold the strip and peel off the first 30cm of the protection layer. Apply the strip to the joint, pressing firmly with your fingers. Cut the remains of the strip at the end of the joint. Apply the strips over one another in the corners. Cutting the overlaps of the strip and press firmly. Wait 24hrs before use.
22mm x 3.35m